Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Photograph

I thought it would be appropriate, at some point, to elaborate on the photograph I've used for my blog.

I think now is as good a time as any.

I took the photograph in May 2009 on top of the steep Capstone Hill, Ilfracombe. From its top you can see the beach to the west and the harbour to the east, straight ahead you can see the Welsh coastline spread along the horizon.

The statue is of a young Moscow born girl, Ekaterine Frolov, who was studying English in the town. On a foggy day in 2000 she fell to her death off the top of Capstone Hill. She was only 13 years old.

Ekaterine's family had the statue commissioned.

On the statue it reads: Kate 13/12/86 - 19/07/00, You are always with us.

So why did I use the photograph?

Well, for purely aesthetic reasons to begin with; it's well framed and the subjects (sea, cliffs and statue) are visually pleasing.

It's also a great statue, capturing the dancer unfurling a move - or is she leaning against the brisk sea wind (or about to fall)?

But the statue is not there as an attraction, it's there to commemorate; it holds a tragic story. And because the story is tragic the dourness of the weather, which gave the environment (as well as the statue) a muggy greyness- in contrast to the colourfulness usually appropriated for seaside images - compliments the subject.

So the photograph is not connected to film or writing, but I've used it because it symbolises two important things to me:

... Don't ever be too quick to judge...

... because...

... There is often more to things than first meets the eye...

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