Saturday, 6 March 2010

Film: New BBFC Guidlines

While I was rifling through a newspaper I came across the film poster for Father of My Children and was amazed by the content description in the film's certificate box.

With in the film's certificate box is 12A and the following content description: Contains moderate violence and scenes of smoking.

There's nothing unusual about 'moderate violence' or the use of more specific pointers such as 'suicide' and 'one use of strong language', but this was the first time I'd come across a film poster that warns potential views of 'scenes of smoking'.

I wonder how many people will be deterred by this detail. I also wonder how commonplace this is (I'll be observing all film certificates on posters more closely from now on, especially reissues of films from the pre-60's and the forthcoming re-imagining of the A-Team - and for that matter, the Mad Men DVDs too). And I wonder whether the BBFC would be persuaded to highlight 'scenes of alcohol consumption' in future releases.

Follow this link to the BBFC website.

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